How To Sprint For Weight Loss


I tried many exercises, food recipes, weight loss drinks, and even tips and tricks throughout my weight loss journey. But, some of them give results to me but not that much to weight loss fast. Here, I tried to sprint for my weight loss to shred 3kgs in a month. I think it’s COOL!
If you want to lose weight fast, keep learning because in this post you’ll learn how sprints make you to weight loss fast, without losing your muscle to achieve your goal in your weight loss journey.

Table of Contents

• What is Sprint?
• Do sprints help with weight loss? How does it work?
• Do’s and don’ts of sprinting
• Sprinting routine in the weight loss journey
• 3 best ways of sprints for weight loss fast (Sprint Workouts)
• 5 Benefits of sprinting

What is Sprint?

Sprint or sprinting is similar to running in a short duration of time with our top-level speed of running over a limited period (in seconds). Example: 30s.It is anaerobic exercise, while your body leads to breakdown the fat and builds lean muscles. It helps you to burn more fat and leads to weight loss through interval training.


Do sprints help with weight loss? How does it work?


Do’s and Don’ts of Sprinting


Right gear-ups – This is the first and foremost thing to check. Always wears the right gear-ups of shoes, socks, and clothes that make you feel comfortable.
Stretches and Warm-ups – Stretches like butt kicks, front and back, and leg raise lead to muscle loosening, and prevent soreness and stiffness. Warm Ups make you relax and sprint in full force.
Protein intake– Don’t forget to take your protein, because it’s the only thing that helps to muscle repair, the build of muscle, and even for fat loss.

Relax after sprinting makes to weight loss


Avoid eating – Ideally, you should avoid eating for 2-3 hours before the sprint. Because it makes you feel uncomfortable and leads to nausea or cramps. It is best to sprint in the morning with a little water an hour before the sprint.
Avoid frequent sprinting – Frequent sprinting makes you get muscle damage, stiffness, and injury. Always remember to take a pass or break interval of time.
Avoid random sprinting – It is better to get proper training or check with proper videos. Because there are minor changes in running versus sprinting. So, don’t confuse yourself. Because sprints are the key to weight loss.

Sprinting routine in weight loss journey

Start with a correct warm-up and some stretches. 

Make sure your track for sprinting is good. 

Start with 30 seconds of sprinting with your maximum effort in speed, and take 4 min of recovery time after about. 

It is perfect to go for walking as a recovery part. 

You should not sprint on a daily, sprinting 4 times or fewer than always better. 

Try this kind of sprinting routine to lose weight fast and get a visible result that brings a smile to your face.

Sprinting for weight loss

3 best ways of sprints, Benefits of Sprinting for weight loss fast (Sprint Workouts)

Hey, after getting the idea of sprinting, I guess, now you are ready to put yourself in max. Here, I’ll help you with the 3 best ways of sprinting to lose weight faster. Always make sure, you are done with your warm-ups. Doing dynamic warm-ups is perfect. Okay, Let’s start with,


    • Slow jog: 5 to 10 minutes

    • 50 to 100 meters sprint

    • Slow jog: 5 minutes

    • 50 to 200 meters sprint

    • Repeat


• Slow jog: 10 minutes
• Sprint: 30 seconds
• Walk
• Sprint: 30 seconds
• Walk
• Repeat


• Jog: 10 minutes
• Sprint: 30 seconds
• Walk
• Sprint: 20 seconds
• Walk
• Sprint: 30 seconds
• Walk
• Repeat

Take proper cool down, with a slow walk, breathe slowly and deeply, and try to focus on it. These 3 sprint HIIT workouts create a massive difference in losing weight.

Benefits of Sprinting

Sprinting is not only to lose weight but it as other tremendous benefits both mentally and physically.

Improves your body composition

Each one has a different form of body composition. Lifestyle, diet, and exercise play a major role in every individual. Sprints or sprinting brings a drastic change in body composition. However, not only helps to burn fat but also encourages muscles to grow.

Improves cardiovascular health

Regular sprints lower the risk of heart disease, prevent attacks, and maintain a good level of cholesterol and blood pressure.

Reduces stress

Like other exercises, sprints will also reduce stress. It releases endorphins and makes you feel stress-free and focused.

Happy face of woman after exercise

Final Thoughts

Sprinting is a crazy way to lose weight, it requires a lot of dedication, but it also builds your mental stability to focus and makes you motivated to achieve with consistency. Before sprinting, depending on your body weight, consult with a doctor to perform sprint because the persons with health risks and obesity sprints are not a good choice and they may cause stroke, joint pains, and injuries. But with a good lifestyle and healthy habits with moderate activities, they too lose weight.

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